Why Buy Art

Posted by admin on 02 September 2015 09:46:00 CAT

Being the main sponsors for the Turbine Art Fair every year., we are often asked why we put so much into the arts in this way. If you don’t know - The Turbine Art Fair (TAF) is a platform for galleries, artists, curators and other art organisations to promote emerging and established talents in an accessible and enjoyable way. In doing this the fair aims to promote new work and talent and to create a new art audience and collector base.

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We believe that buying Art has benefits for everybody. According to research done by the art research blog (art beyond the canvas), of the respondents 2% bought fine art and 5% bought functional art.  We obviously want to help increase this amount and bring more art into people’s lives. There are a number of reasons to buy art. Some of them are listed below:

It has emotional connection -there are a few ways that art can make a connection:Every art piece has a story. Which can be the story told in the piece, or an actual story attached to the piece. Every person’s experiences, beliefs, and history mean that we can interact in different ways with what we see.

It is about place.

We all are attached to some place, scenery, landscape, cityscape. We all love to remember and recall places and in many cases art helps with this.It is a form of expression.  Art expresses and show ones feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions both as an artist and as an art buyer.  What you have chosen to spend your money on and hang on your wall is a reflection on who you are as a person and this is expressed in a socially acceptable manner.

Art is unique. Even a print is one of a limited number.It helps to start discussion out of daily routines, business and other everyday things. Art brings and connects new ideas.These factors create emotions and when looking at art people can realise these emotional connections. Sometimes they are so strong that people simply can’t NOT buy.

It is luxury. It is a good feeling – to buy something more than food, clothes and other really necessary things.

Art buying is luxurious and people love it. People creating art collections can show their status, taste, personality. With a time they become obsessed in a good sense and their art collection becomes important part of their lives. In many cases collectors end up in art museums or turn their collections into private museums.

Art encourages people to ask questions, introspect,think about new ideas, experience fresh new perspectives and most importantly, it encourages us to take brief moments out of our busy lives to reflect on more than just the mundanities of our daily existences.

Decorating your home. The simple reason – there are empty walls in houses, cafes and offices. Art fills space, givesatmosphere, creates feelings, personalises places.You know and follow the artist. You just love the art produced by the artist and want them to create more. Patrons help their beloved artists by buying art or in other monetary or financial forms. So that the artist is able to continue to produce work. Performance art is a great example of this.

It is a good investment. Art as an investment is becoming more and more popular. As an artist gathers fame and a following there is ademand for the limited number of works an artist can produce in their lifetime. Some artist touch a nerve in society with the beauty or nature of their work and this then boosts demand for the work. As a result of this the art becomes a valuable investment.It is a nice gift. Although art is very personal thing, many people buy art for
a gift. Mainly for people who already have everything. Or for some special occasions when larger gift is expected.

Are you interested in Art? Why would you buy art?

Thanks to the below websites for all these points and so much of their content.