Welcome Drinks – help set the tone and kick-start your year-end celebrations; whether for a corporate function or a private event.

Posted by admin on 04 November 2016 09:46:00 CAT

Here are a few creative options to try – no matter what your theme or budget…

*All drinks showcased on these images, prepared and styled by the forum company.

If you are handpicking the hard liquor that you serve as a welcome drink, then make a thing of it. You could create a special drinks tray or drinks station. You will simultaneously be able to showcase a limited (exclusive) bar, plus make your guests feel really special from the start.


If you choose not to have waiters, then a dedicated bar is a must. It’s an easy way to keep track of things – especially if you want to keep the bar going all evening and have a set bar limit. Alternatively, you can have mix and a match approach: buckets for easy-reach items such as beer and soft drinks, then a bar for hard liquor.


Go Gatsby style and simply serve signature cocktails; it will immediately add a touch of glamour and elegance to your event. Then play with a few different choices; a Classic Martini, Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep, Caipirinha or Tequila Sunrise are sure to satisfy every palate.


Having one dedicated welcome drink can make a real statement, especially if you are trying to tie in with a certain décor or colour scheme. It also cuts down on additional logistics right from the start of your event. You could opt to have one welcome drink for the ladies and one for the guys – or possibly an alcoholic and non-alcoholic option to cover your bases.


No matter what food menu you choose, your drinks menu is where you can have some fun. Cocktails and mocktails offer an array of choices − with a riot of colour – and will be a real talking point if you add some kind of DIY element to it. Perhaps you have bartenders doing all of the mixology, but guests can choose which fruit and herbs to add. Easy to execute, yet really memorable. It will also encourage socialising and networking if you have a mixed crowd.


Just remember that whatever alcohol you are serving, it is vital to have a non-alcoholic option to quench everyone’s thirst in the scorching summer sun. This could be iced tea or even just ice cold water with pieces of fruit or fresh herbs for a subtle flavour. If you opt for a dedicated water station, then people can help themselves and free up the waiters if you choose to serve canapés too.


Now, get creative and make your own Cucumber Refresher:


4 mint leaves

1 large basil leaf

1 lime wedge

50 ml  Cucumber vodka

100 ml soda water

½ tsp agave nectar

Squeeze lime wedge into rocks glass, muddle lime wedge, mint and basil leaves, and vodka. Add ice. Top with soda water. Add agave nectar and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Only 86 calories!