Winter Wedding Love

Posted by admin on 28 April 2016 10:00:52 CAT

Although summer is considered the ideal time of year to tie the knot, we can’t help but fall head over heels in love with the magical look of a winter wedding. The deep, jewel-toned colours, masses of candles, and the cosiness of it all.

If you’re planning winter nuptials, here are a few of our tips for a flawless, intimate celebration

  1. Consider your flowers and their seasonality: flowers may be more expensive in the winter months due to availability. Opt for blooms typical of winter and lots of greenery.
  2. Dress yourself appropriately: is there anything more beautiful than a bride donning a faux fur bolero at a winter celebration?
  3. Keep your guests cosy: make sure guests know to dress warmly but having blankets for outside nuptials, a hearty menu at your reception, and hot chocolate for dessert will make for happy guests!
  4. Choose your colour palette accordingly: One of our favourite parts of a winter wedding are the dark, jewel-toned colour schemes that just add warmth and cosiness to the celebration.
  5. Prepare for anything: With our winters being relatively mild but sometimes unpredictable, be prepared for a sneaky cold front or even warmer than usual weather. Either way, be prepared!

Here are a few of our absolute favourite winter wedding ideas: