White Light Weddings - One Blank Canvas, 6 Different Looks

Posted by admin on 29 September 2015 14:14:26 CAT
  1. White Light Weddings

    The beauty of our White Light wedding venue lies not only in its picturesque surroundings or closeness to the bustling city Johannesburg, but also in its ability to transform into any bride’s dream. White Light is a complete blank canvas and no matter a bride’s taste or preferred colour palette, White Light is a centrepiece and a few finishing touches away from her vision.

  2. Table 1 - For the protea-loving, classic couple. We love the idea of dining on the bare table.
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-1-01
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-1-02
  1. Table 2 - For the rustic bride and groom. Succulents, green moss, and wooden elements really pull this look together.
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-1-03
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-1-04
  1. Table 3 - Even darker and bolder colours work incredibly in the light and airy space of White Light
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-2-05-500
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-2-06-500
  1. Table 4 - White on white with gold accents? It’s the beauty of simplicity.
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-4-07-500
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-4-08-500
  1. Table 5 - Pastels are perfect for a spring wedding, and we especially love the detail on the plates.
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-5-09-500
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-5-10-500
  1. Table 6 - A touch of subtle oriental class does splendidly at White Light. How sweet are the favour ‘take-away’ boxes?
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-6-11-500
  • Blank-Canvas-Table-6-12-500