Wedding Canapé Ideas

Posted by admin on 19 October 2016 12:47:14 CAT

Canapés are a tried and tested favourite at weddings – and it is easy to understand why. They satisfy an array of taste buds, plus work well for both sweet and savoury options, no matter what the rest of your menu looks like…

Choosing ‘light’ ingredients, such as fish and chicken, is a great idea if you are having quite a hearty main. Salmon and tuna on baguette slices is less expensive than a selection of sushi, plus you can have additional favourites such as pimped up chicken mayonnaise.


Blinis are a must on your canapé menu. They are lighter than mini sandwiches, plus you can get creative with your topics. Stick to tradition with cream cheese and smoked salmon, or keep vegetarians happy with a crushed pea, mint and feta option… or even basil pesto and fresh tomato. Go sweet with strawberries and cream or indulgent Nutella and banana.


Rye bread is another great addition to a canapé menu. There’s the classic smoked salmon, horseradish and finely sliced red onion or a herbed cream cheese. Make sure that the bread is toasted slightly for added deliciousness.


Rare roast beef and Dijon mustard (with parmesan shavings and rocket for added punch) is a can’t-go-wrong choice to keep the guys (in particular) happy.


A mini take on oh-so-light savoury cheese scones could be just the thing to set your canapés apart. Serve them with jam for the conventional folks and chutney for the savoury nuts and you are all set; just one simple ingredient swap needed.


Mini French pastries should not be overlooked. At once, light and more-ish, the topping choices are endless: think pulled pork and peppers; goat’s cheese, red onion and thyme; or even baked apple and cinnamon.


The crowd pleaser at any wedding is usually the cheese board – or if you have a savoury tooth, a ‘cheese cake’, which is made up of tiered wheels of cheese. The good news is that any uneaten cheese will make a welcome midnight snack if you serve it as part of toasted sandwiches.


Another good option instead of cake is to serve fresh mini doughnuts. It will satisfy everyone’s sweet cravings, plus you can play around with flavours. Best of all, it won’t fill people up to much if you are opting for a feast of dishes such as lamb on the spit or fillet and triple cooked chips.


If your wedding is as much about socialising as it is about the food, then canapés for the entire menu are a great choice… and tumblers make great containers. Serve mini custard pots or crème brûlée with fresh fruit in a glass with a teaspoon for an elegant solution.


No matter what you choose by way of canapes, remember this. These little morsels need to be tasty and easy to eat… and a welcome drink alongside everything always goes down a treat.


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*All food images portrayed in this blog post, was prepared by the forum company’s chefs.