tying the knot with mixed metals

Posted by Ashleigh Batchelor on 28 September 2017 14:01:24 CAT

ring.jpgWe are loving this new trend of introducing mixed metals into your wedding décor. Adding that copper vase to your already gold and silver inspired place setting, won’t overcrowd or overwhelm it but instead it will bring it to life. Our experts will inspire any bride with their ideas of divinity and make your wedding the splendour has intended to be with this trend.



Not only does this trend add a touch of modernity to a traditional affair but it introduces some symbolism too.  According to alchemy each precious metal exemplifies certain qualities.


THW007.jpg013-Details & Decor.jpg


It is believed that copper is associated with the planet Venus which links to women. Adding this subtle element to your wedding celebrates the women present. 




Silver is associated to the crescent moon which has a close relation to both femininity and purity. The final element but by no means the least precious of the three is gold. It is strongly associated with the sun, which possesses physical, mental and spiritual perfection. We could not think of more perfect elements to incorporate into your décor.


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