Tips on decorating your wedding aisle

Posted by admin on 05 November 2015 10:08:23 CAT

Decorating your wedding aisle can be a tricky one as the kind of decor you choose will be based on your ceremony venue. Big lanterns, however beautiful, will clutter a small aisle making your walk down feel a bit closed in. It’s also important to consider the overall theme of your wedding - if you’re having an ultra glam city wedding, mason jar bouquets wrapped in lace wouldn’t be your first option.

You don’t need too many flowers to make a statement. We love this standing jar filled with hydrangeas and greenery!


Perfect for a larger aisle, standing bouquets of your signature wedding flowers will really add the wow factor. What makes this aisle stand out even more is the white on white factor - magical!


Hydrangeas and rose petals, could an aisle look more perfect? This is a simple but effective way to decorate your aisle without too much effort.


Succulents are becoming such a popular feature at weddings but this is a brand new way of incorporating them - and we love it!


Floor lanterns certainly do add a touch of class to a wedding ceremony. Depending on space, you could line your aisle with  lanterns or you could create a feature by arranging a cluster of different sized lanterns at the beginning of your aisle. We love the use of roses and petals amongst the lanterns like in this picture.


A beautiful floral cluster on every other inner aisle chair is all that it takes to transform your ceremony venue from ordinary to something magical. We love the use of greenery and ribbon used in these clusters!


 And if flowers aren’t your thing, celebrate your love with a row of multi-coloured hearts.