The Language of Flowers

Posted by admin on 03 February 2016 10:11:46 CAT

Flowers can play such an important part in your wedding day. Not only do they add colour and beauty but you can send messages with the blooms you choose. Will you be sending a secret message with your bouquet?


A tradition established in the Victorian era, flowers were given specific meanings which allowed lovers or friends to share their feelings without having to utter a word. This tradition still remains in some circles today, especially with the royals.

Probably the most popular example of the use of language of flowers is Kate Middleton’s all-white bouquet which was a mixture of Lily of the Valley (meaning ‘return to happiness’) and Sweet William (meaning ‘gallantry’ and most likely a reference to her husband-to-be).


A few meanings of our favourite flowers:


Magenta Ranunculus - ‘dazzled by your charm’


Tulip - ‘declaration of love’


Snapdragon - ‘graciousness and strength’


Rose - ‘happy love’


Orchid -  ‘love, beauty, refinement’


Lily - ‘purity, majesty, it's heavenly to be with you’

Have you decided on your bouquet flowers? What message will your bouquet secretly say?