Summer wedding trends part two

Posted by Marina Smithers PR on 13 November 2017 09:33:34 CAT


Sven Crofton (forum events manager  at the forum company,)  has what some might think is a dream job! Each day presents a fresh challenge  for him to come up with brilliant ideas and designs. Part of that brief is staying ahead of the curve and keeping an eye on what's happening globally .  In between meetings with floral suppliers, pow wows with wedding coordinators and status updates with his team - we managed to squeeze  some time in with Sven and we quizzed him on the pantone colours which are predicted to be trending into 2018 and how these might influence wedding decor.  The Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman has revealed what colour and design trends we can expect next year, and there seems to be something for just about everyone. We selected the standout notion of  a movement to intense colours rather than pastels — music to the ears for bright colour lovers.

Using bright floral colours in a wedding scheme is a great idea . It creates a feeling of opulence and elegance. But as with everything it has to be executed correctly with the perfect combination of texture and intensity. If things are not thought through carefully , the intentions can result in a kitschy mess! I was interested to learn about the 2018 colour forecasts, as I’m still working with lots of weddings firmly focussed on peachy, blush, pale purple and a lot of white.The combination of pastel colours and neutrals are also very popular - I think these are classic, elegant options but it is also challenging to work with brides who are looking for something unique and are brave enough to embrace colour in their own sophisticated way. I have noticed that bold coral and deep blue has been popular during the northern hemisphere summer wedding season  - and I predict these types of palettes will be making a splash soon.”


One of the strong colour predictions is for “Minion” yellow. What do you think of that?

“Well that sounds playful and I do think we need to have some fun from time to time.  I actually like the idea of  white with  pops of bright yellow or lime.  It would certainly make your guests stop and smile. Yellow is fun and festive. But as always you need to carry it off with flair and imagination. Luckily for us tulips are now available all year round. These are the quintessential  sunshine flower. The Forum Company has a strong commitment to using locally sourced products wherever possible.  Funnily enough I generally steer away from using sprays, but these in yellow actually work like a bomb” concludes Sven .


Vincent van Gogh is quoted as saying : “ How wonderful the colour yellow is. It stands for the sun.”  He had a strong connection to the colour yellow , creating  two series of  still life painting called Sunflowers.  What do you think of sunflowers as part of a wedding scheme?

 “Sunflowers are a classic summer flower with their bright, sunny, cheerful yellow petals and  dark centers which add a touch of drama. They look pretty straightforward, but on the contrary sunflowers are one of the more challenging blooms to work with as they require a lot of wiring and technical skill to get this right. I think  sunflowers are the perfect complement to a rustic, country-themed celebration but when they're skillfully paired with other flowers and greenery, they can also take on a much more formal look. The key is restraint — use just the right amount of sunflowers without going overboard.” advises Sven.


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