summer wedding trends - part one

Posted by Ashleigh Batchelor on 20 October 2017 15:02:41 CAT


Sven Crofton, General Manager of events at The forum Company, sat down with us to share his vast experience (he has been creating weddings for over 10 years!), knowledge and advice on how to interpret the current summer wedding flower and décor directions without becoming a slave to the latest trends.

"First up, the most important thing is to know who you are as a couple and how you choose to celebrate your wedding ceremony and your reception. At the end of the day it is all about you as a couple. It is often a difficult balancing act but it’s your wedding so be kind but don’t try to please everyone.  My second piece of advice is that planning a wedding should be fun! Don’t get carried away and never feel compelled to follow or copy something which seems to be fashionable says Sven.


Having a professional like Sven on your team cannot be quantified. His years of working with suppliers, vendors and bridal parties means little phases him, and his wealth of experience ensures a smooth transition from the planning to the execution stage on the big day.

"I’m lucky to work with beautiful women and beautiful flowers everyday. My job is to create a connection between the two and tell unique love stories.


The entire forum company team and Sven in particular are keen devotees of keeping up to date with what’s happening locally and internationally with wedding flowers and décor.  Now that it is the period  leading up to what is affectionately known in the industry  as “ the season” we thought we would get some thoughts on how the summer bride 2017/18 will be approaching her big day.

"Personally I’m excited that looser, whimsical arrangements are still very popular. Of course every bride must choose for herself but there is an increasing momentum towards natural designs - things like country bunches and schemes with a  gentle, garden feel. Stiff, very formal layouts are not popular at the moment and shabby-chic floral styling is in demand. I think this is influenced by brides wanting to create a relaxed homey atmosphere. Plus - who doesn’t love a jam jar! There are also blurred lines between gardening and floristry.  For example I’m working with some designs now whereby we are looking to incorporate a hedge down the middle of the table or designing  a  flowered, grassy mound as a centre piece. These ideas are appealing in so many ways - they are sustainable in that we can re-pot afterwards,  they can be re-used as take-home gifts and are light on water usage - which is most topical now.  I always say things move in cycles - and I predict that we will be moving away from this simple, verdant look fairly soon concludes Sven.

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