Spring food station ideas

Posted by admin on 31 August 2016 11:00:34 CAT

With the warmer weather upon us, now’s the time to head outdoors and make the most of lovely sunny days by having a food station (or a few!) at your reception or cocktail hour. It is fuss-free, can cut down on costs, plus allows you to add a little bit of your personality to your big day.

Here’s are some ideas to try…

A popcorn bar is a great food option – particularly while you’re having photographs taken. It gives everyone something to munch on and is a wonderful way to get guests mingling if they help themselves.


Drinks stations are a fantastic choice for day weddings; you could use them for welcome drinks or throughout the day. Opt for something ‘easy-drinking’ such as Pimms or G&T. Try to have a non-alcoholic option too such as iced tea, plus water with fruit, to keep people dehydrated. A must if you have lots of kids at your wedding too.


Surround glass decanters with pretty flowers for a whimsical, inviting look and feel.


A beer bar will not disappoint on your big day. You can stick to a few favourites or add in a couple of local craft beers to keep things interesting.


Or simply use wooden crates to serve your drinks, with a selection for everyone: soft drinks, beers and ciders. This is a good idea for big and low-key weddings.


If you don’t want to do a plated meal, add the wow factor with a seafood station. A must with champagne, you can follow it with substantial canapés for an elegant (day or night) cocktail party.


A ‘harvest table’ type station allows you to combine an array of delicious food: more substantial offerings such as gourmet sandwiches and sliders, plus ‘nibbly’ food like fruit and crudités. You can also tailor what you serve your food in to your theme.


Instead of a traditional tiered wedding cake, a dessert table with smaller cakes and cupcakes, jellies and cake pops allows guests to choose what they want.


Or simply have a selection of miniature desserts, which are easy to carry around, so that dessert doesn’t ‘interrupt’ the party.


A batch of biscuits at the tea and coffee station could easily be made into wedding favours too.


Or opt for mini doughnut balls with a simple dusting of icing sugar. Easy to carry; even easier to eat.


If you’d prefer a sweet station, then keep things old school with a vintage bicycle and bunting. Stack marshmallows, suckers and more in glass jars. It’s a fun, interactive way to keep people mingling.


No matter what your main course, when it comes to dessert, you really can have a bit of fun. A doughnut bar is a little bit different, plus you can really go to town when it comes to flavours.


Pair the doughnuts with coffee for a great midnight feast.


Happy planning!