Setting Up House After You’re Married

Posted by admin on 18 January 2017 13:56:45 CAT

Now that the wedding is done and you’re back from honeymoon, it’s time to start building your life together. The best place to begin is your home. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Whether you’ve lived together or not, setting up your home after you’re married can be fun and is a great way to spend quality time together. Start by finding a dedicated space for the gifts from your registry and take it from there.

Setting up house after you’re married

It could be a couple of months until you get the official photographs from your wedding – and even then, you might opt for a coffee table book, instead of a wall of photographs. In the interim, try to tie in other ‘Mr and Mrs’ items, such as scatter cushions, art and smaller mementos, to add a quirky touch to your home.

Mr and Mrs’ items

Breathe new life into your home by amping up the greenery throughout the space. Not particularly green fingered? Opt for ‘low admin’ plants such as big ferns, an orchid or two countertops and tables, and a collection of cacti and smaller pot plants on windowsills and patios.

Breathe new life into your home

Short on space in your bathroom? A wooden ladder (either bought or handmade) is a must to keep towels and smaller decorative items neat and tidy. As the ladder is a design element in itself, all that’s really needed is a towel in a fun print and a colourful piece of artwork to complete the look.

Short on space in your bathroom

Create an extra room outside by adding a few decorative details – just as you would inside the house. A rug, table and eye-catching chair, combined with a few plants will transform this often-neglected space. Great for a drink in the evenings with your beau or as a dedicated reading space.

Create an extra room outside

A bold splash of colour is sometimes all that is needed to perk up a space. Add some bunting and quirky containers and you have a little green corner to call your own. If you and your hubby enjoy cooking, it’s also a great way to incorporate a kitchen garden, filled with herbs and smaller veggies.

A bold splash of colour

Remember that being married will be an adjustment for both of you. So… no matter what your living situation, take time to appreciate the little things about each other and revel in the start of your new adventure together.

that being married will be an adjustment