Q&A with the forum's Wedding Coordinator

Posted by Ashleigh Batchelor on 15 November 2017 14:31:56 CAT

We spent five minutes with Liezl Maynier, Wedding Coordinator at the forum company to provide us with some insight into weddings held at our iconic Johannesburg venues: The Campus, Turbine Hall and White Light.


Run us through a typical weekday morning in your world as a Wedding Coordinator at the forum company?

In this industry no two days are the same. I usually start off at the office attending to enquiries coming in. The rest of my workday is usually filled with proposals, meetings and viewings. On extra special days, we execute the pretty parts – décor mock-ups and food tastings!

What are some of the unique elements that couples can add to their wedding day to make it more personal?

I find that a lot of couples these days like to personalize the menu to reflect their personalities. Whether it is a health inspired Harvest Table or an all Chocolate Dessert Installation! Pimms- and G&T bars are also a firm favourite during the Summer months, with Baristas and Speciality Coffees featuring at many Winter Weddings.

How long in advance should couples look at securing the ideal venue for their wedding?

I would definitely say the sooner the better!! Even when putting the issue of availability and securing your prefered date aside, once you have your wedding venue booked, you can narrow down your look-and-feel and start the planning. You can also then enlist your other suppliers who will best suit your vision for the big day!

wedding harvest table.jpg

Being exposed to so many design elements and themes, what has been your top 3 wedding trends for 2017?

2017 has definitely been the year of penny gum, geometric shapes and a lot of greenery! My personal favourite, which I predict we will see more of in 2018, would be metallic and marsala colours.

What is the most important area for couples to allocate a large portion of their budget to?

For me it is the venue.  Food and photography are equally important. Find a venue where you don’t have to spend a lot of money to transform the space into something special. Yummy food will always be remembered and what better way to relive all the amazing memories than your wedding album?

Richard and Claire WEDDING-Wedding Day-0316.jpggeometric.jpg

What is the one thing couples usually leave to the last minute when planning their wedding?

It is mostly the small things that become a last-minute-dot-com-add-on: sparklers for the dance floor, wedding favours, place cards and other stationery.

Any advice for couples not able to hire a Wedding Planner?

Establish a clear theme and look-and-feel which represents you best. One can find so many amazing ideas on Pinterest these days.  Don’t overcomplicate your wedding day by trying to incorporate too many elements – keep it simple and keep your vision clear.

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Favourite wedding cake flavour?

Baked nougat cheesecake, please!

Last but not least, what is your favourite moment at a wedding?

Experiencing the very last moments before a Bride and her Father walk down the aisle is always special!  And because I am such a sucker for romance – the Groom’s Speech of course!!

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