Oh, say it, so stylishly- stationery!

Posted by admin on 05 October 2016 11:00:37 CAT

The stationery you choose gives your guests a first glimpse into what your wedding will be like. Here are a few different looks to consider.

It can be hard to find a balance between what you like and what your man does – especially in terms of colour. Grey is the perfect middle ground because you can still have the theme you want (such as botanical), but showcased in a slightly more masculine hue.


Opting for colour as your ‘concept’ means that where you go from there is endless. Muted blues and pinks are a lovely ‘boy meets girl’ interpretation, plus can be translated into as many (or as few) aspects as you like: the wedding party, but not the flowers; the venue but not the décor… and so on.


Having a laser cut element to your stationery makes it extra special and brings back the age-old tradition of a handwritten note and a personalised invitation. It also works particularly well if you want other similar design elements throughout your wedding, such as lace on your wedding dress.


It is important to come up with one key concept (be it anything from botanical to shapes), then work out how that concept would work in a ‘simplified’ version, then a ‘fuller’ version too. Understandably, the invite would incorporate many of the elements, but then you need to think how the concept would be pared down to things like the name tags and the wedding favours.


Natural is taken to a whole new sophisticated level with the introduction of colours (and fruits) such as blackberries, figs, pomegranates and more. The burst of mulberry goes beautifully against the olive green and is a must for foodie couples who want their wedding to be all about the delicious menu... or for couples who are getting married at a wine farm.


This type of look is lovely for a daytime wedding, out in the gardens. Even if the rest of your stationery on the day is a lot simpler, the flowers will hint to the beautiful venue.


Your venue – or table décor – can be hugely inspirational when it comes to your stationery, as one colour or shape can be the creative thought behind everything. As you are essentially creating both 2D and 3D (real life) elements, you can play around when it comes to texture and tangibility.


Tie in your name tags by just sticking to the colour palette and font from your invite, then play with the rest of the table décor from there.


Don’t think you need to do something just because everyone else has done it! This is especially true for your cake topper. Personalise it or add a quirky element that intrinsically sums you up as a couple: whether you are avid travellers, book readers or have a weird-and-wonderful hobby. The web will be a great source of inspiration for this. Happy researching!