Nuts for Doughnuts!

Posted by admin on 23 September 2016 10:12:47 CAT

One of the biggest trends in weddings is a doughnut bar. Best of all, unlike cheese wheels and cake pops, it can be as visually delicious as it is actually delicious. Whether you make it part of your dessert bar or décor… or as a can’t-say-no standout feature, here are some ideas to try.

Stacks of doughnuts are ideal if you are short on space. Or if you’re having an outside wedding. Or if your venue won’t allow you to have an elaborate doughnut wall. Place some pretty blooms and a sweet message next to your doughnuts and voilà!


If you’re having a huge wedding, then a doughnut wall is the way to go. Compared to a cake, it’s fuss free and people can choose when they want one. It’s a great option if it’s a kid-friendly wedding (just make sure that you have choices at their height level). Then go all out with the flavour combinations: everything from raspberry to rocky road and more.


Add a fun DIY element to your wedding and allow guests to make their own toppings. You could have a competition where people could come up with names and favours. A lovely choice if you have different groups of people that don’t necessarily know each other.


Why have a normal doughnut when you can take it to the next level of YUM? If your wedding is taking place in summer, then a cinnamon and sugar doughnut cone – packed with ice cream (and chocolate sauce and fresh fruit) is sure to be the highlight on the menu.


With doughnuts, the more out there you are… the better. Think sweets, popping candy, hundreds and thousands – even kids’ cereals. Simply raid the sweet aisle, place everything in glass jars and you’re done. An easy way to combine DIY toppings and a dessert table all in one go.


Doughnuts also make amazing wedding favours – and are pretty as a picture on an all-white table – especially if you’re not necessarily having dessert. A fun option is to stack them up high croquembouche style or serve them as a snack. A must on the kids table with a glass of milk; alternatively, it makes a for a welcome midnight snack.


If you want your doughnuts to become part of the décor, then have them hanging from stings. It will definitely add the wow factor as guests walk into the venue, plus you can use the string or ribbon to tie in with your colour palette.


Go decadent with your toppings. Yes, sure, have some old-favourites such as cinnamon and sugar, but then crank it up notch too. Think white chocolate and berries, lemon poppy seed and death by chocolate. The list really is endless!