Man up!

Posted by admin on 09 November 2016 11:08:35 CAT

Men’s wedding style essentials don’t need to be overly complicated. Just try some of these tips for an easy, pulled together look.

A charcoal suit always looks sophisticated – particularly when it is paired with navy. But your tie can give it that finishing touch. Stripes will make things look more formal, whereas mini polka dots keep things slightly more casual.


Don’t forget the simplicity and age-old sophistication of a man in a tux.


Accessories are all important – especially if you have kept your suit quite simple. A bow tie adds a hint of fun, but remember that all of your accessories really help to bring your photographs alive.


A hat is a must for a beach wedding… or a garden wedding where you will spend a lot of time outdoors. It could also be part of the groomsmen’s gifts. If your wedding has a vintage nod to it, then make sure you include a pocket watch and cigar to keeps things old-school.


A personalised embroidered note on the back of each tie is a lovely idea for the groomsmen, but is also a special way to include the father of the bride.


 If your theme is floral, don’t be shy to opt for a floral tie and pocket square. Go for tiny florals in the same colour as the corsages for an elegant, yet quirky, edge.


A ‘man box’ with special items makes a great present for your groomsmen. Think cologne, biltong, a money clip, a whisky flask (that you can engrave or not) and more.


If one of the colours in your décor scheme is quite bold, then an easy way to keep things smart is to have a simple suit and loud socks.


Put the fun into funky and give each groomsmen a different pair of socks (in your colour scheme) that suits their personality.


A three piece suit is not only for formal affairs. Subtle patterning is the key to getting longevity out of a suit like this – especially if you are having it made.


Tan shoes for the groom and groomsmen are a great idea for summer – especially if the colours for the wedding are muted. Combine that with grey or navy to keep things looking smart.


A white or cream suit is a cool (quite literally) option for a summer wedding. If you are keeping things quite understated, a leather or beaded guys’ bracelet adds to the slightly more casual look… especially if the groom is quite laid back anyway.


Shoe decals are a fun addition to even the most formal wedding. It’s a particularly lovely touch if you are going for quite a religious ceremony.