Let’s set the table

Posted by admin on 16 November 2016 11:43:00 CAT

The table setting is the one place at your wedding where you can really play-up your theme. Here are some inspired choices.

If you are keeping your table simple, then a beautifully folded napkin at each place is all you need to add to it. Instead of vases, you could choose to have flowers directly on the table to help emphasise this look.

A table set for dinner.

Contrasting colours add a real pop to a table – especially if you pair them with white or cream. Bring in different tones through serviettes and other accessories… and a few coloured balls in vases add an unexpected twist.


A runner of greenery definitely brings the ‘Country Chic’ theme to life. Pair it with lanterns and tea light candles for an elegant take on this can’t-go-wrong theme.


If you’re opting for one colour as your theme, then instead of your flowers, the cutlery you choose can be the statement piece on your table. You can go from vintage to modern in one fell swoop.


The minimalist look can be just as effective (and sometimes even lovelier) than something that is completely over the top. This type of table really allows the menu (or location) to speak for itself.


Opting for a ‘mix and match’ approach ups the abundance factor on any table. Here, copper chairs and purple napkins bring a regal feel to the table; this is juxtaposed beautifully by leaves placed directly down the bare wooden table, which helps to ground this look.


Understated is the height of elegance and Blue and Peach pair beautifully together on the colour wheel. But you can tone it down slightly and opt for Oxford Blue and Salmon − combined with rose gold touches − for a slightly more grown-up look on this timeless favourite.


If you’re doing wedding favours, remember that the packaging the favour comes in is often as important as the favour itself – plus it can play into your colour scheme and table décor too.


A plain white napkin is the blank canvas on your table. Go botanical with oodles of old-school romance with pink country blooms tied together with string. Gorgeous.


Tones of the same colour (in this case, a mélange of purple to blue) complement each other beautifully. Remember, adding white or cream throughout can help these colours to stand out.


For slighly more casual weddings (think day-time or buffet), make sure your cutlery mirrors this sentiment too. Cutlery and a napkin tied together with string (and a few blooms for colour) emphasises the help-yourself nature of this type of wedding.


No matter what décor you choose, your napkin is the finishing touch on your table. Place the napkin in a glass to add height… or fold it in countless different ways to add a little something to your table.