Let them have cake

Posted by admin on 23 November 2016 10:43:55 CAT

One of the hottest wedding trends at the moment is the naked cake. Here is how to get it right.

The minimal design of a naked cake allows the fruit, flowers, and most importantly flavour to take centre stage. But remember, that the naked cake can be as ‘naked’ as you like. So have icing just between the layers, or around the whole cake too. The addition of a syrup such as caramel or lemon will help to create a real depth of flavour.


The lovely thing about choosing a naked cake is that it becomes the blank canvas for the rest of your wedding décor and colours. You can take it from bold to muted, just by the flowers that you choose.


Play up the simplicity of the cake by showcasing one or two beautiful blooms.


Alternatively, add a fresh element, such as an assortment of fresh berries, to help cut through the richness of the icing.


Naked mini cakes also work beautifully. You could include them in a dessert station or have them as part of a plated dessert. Either way, you won’t have heaps of cake left over, which might happen if you opt for a massive tiered showstopper.  Plus, don’t underestimate the impact of a bold colour palette to accompany your mini cakes. One word: Gorgeous.


Mini cakes also make great favours or midnight feasts. Just make sure you have a box – or something equally easy to carry them in – if you would like your guests to take their cake home with them.


Play up the simplicity of the cake by pairing it with minimalist (erring towards organic) décor.


The naked cake needs to stand proud, so think carefully about the special spot where you will cut your cake. A simple backdrop will make the cake the hero in any setting.


The beauty of the naked cake is the simplicity of it. If you have a knockout flavour combination, keep the accessories and additions to a minimum and allow the cake to speak for itself.


Don’t feel pigeonholed into choosing just one flavour. Each tier can be a different flavour… or you can opt for an ombre effect for added wow-factor. Greenery – instead of flowers – also looks magnificent and will allow you to cut costs if necessary.


The flavour choices for a naked cake really are endless. Think Chocolate & Berry, Vanilla & Champagne, Caramel Layer Cake, Unfrosted Carrot Cake, Lemon Curd Layers and more. Yum!