Hooray for honeymoons!

Posted by admin on 02 December 2016 10:29:36 CAT

The lead up to your wedding can be stressful. That’s why a low-key honeymoon, local honeymoon (in lieu of a globe-trekking adventure) should be your first choice.

If your venue is already at the coast, you can consider having your ‘Wreck the Dress’ shoot there too.


If you’re looking for one of the hidden gems of South Africa, then Franschhoek is a top choice. It’s a must for foodie couples, as the town boasts some of South Africa’s top 100 restaurants.


A visit to some of the wine farms is a must. The views are gorgeous and you’ll feel completely transported from your ‘Urban Chic’ wedding.


Knysna is another wonderful option as you are in the heart of the Garden Route – with less than an hour to spots like Plett and Sedgefield. Mini roadtrip, for the win.


Instead of staying in a hotel, renting out a beach house is just as romantic. You’ll have privacy and freedom to do whatever you like – instead of having to adhere to mealtimes with other guests.


A trip to the Knysna harbour is a great afternoon out, especially during sunset.


The Knysna Heads will astound you. There is just enough of a hike to keep your exercise up and is a magical addition if you have never been before.


If you really need to get away from it all, then the Kruger National Park is the only way to go. Unwinding is the top priority here, plus you can sleep in and still see the game in the afternoon.


Spoil yourself with a luxury, secluded cabin. You can completely disconnect from the real world (and really connect with your loved one) after a stressful few weeks.


Alfresco dining has never been so romantic, with lanterns and a sky full of stars to keep you company.


This view. And a private splash pool. What more do you need other than the two of you?


There’s nothing like a beach holiday at a swanky hotel to make things feel right with the world again. Bikinis, cocktails and gorgeous views… tick!

Presidential Suite

Umhlanga Rocks is a fab honeymoon destination for couples who have a mutual love for exercise; the promenade by the lighthouse is a great place for a morning run or a romantic evening walk.


Drinks leads to dinner, all under the watchful gaze of the lighthouse.


The sunsets are magnificent!


For a true bucketlist honeymoon, watching the migration across the Serengeti in Tanzania is a once in a lifetime experience. If you miss the key dates, the views are still spectacular.


Zanzibar is known for its magnificent beaches – but restaurants and secluded rooms on rocks and stilts are what really give this locale its charm.


Whether you decide to wait a day or two… or head off to your honeymoon straight from your wedding, just remember, it’s now all about the two of you. Bon voyage!