Posted by admin on 19 February 2016 14:16:04 CAT

Hashtags are a sweet and clever way to round up all the photos guests take at your celebration. If you thinking coming up with a unique hashtag is tricky, you might not have considered getting guests to use the correct hashtag!


The best way to remind guests of your hashtag is beautiful signage. Here are a few of our favourite displays:

Chalkboard signage is a very popular way to display not only your Instagram hashtag but even romantic quotes or your menu.

image004  image003

Let guests know where to go and what to hashtag as they arrive - we love this idea!


While you have your couple’s shoot, have your guests sign your guest book and hashtag any pictures they took during your ceremony


How about displaying your hashtag right next to your cake? A unique point of interest that is sure to make for great pictures!


How about an ornate frame with a beautifully designed print?


Now this is personalisation to the next level - serviettes with your hashtag, how fabulous!