Food your guests will love

Posted by admin on 01 February 2017 11:00:18 CAT

Food is an integral part of any celebration and is one of the things that your guests will definitely remember about your wedding day. Here are some sure-to-impress delicious options for your menu.

For breakfast, starting off with fruit – be it buffet style or deconstructed and plated− is a fresh, light way to kick off the morning. You could choose your fruit according to the bubbly that you are serving, plus have a selection of yoghurts, nuts and honey to make it a bit more substantial.


Eggs with asparagus wrapped in bacon caters for gluten intolerant guests and is an adult take on eggs and toast soldiers. The latter is then an easy swap for any kids who might be at your wedding.


Salmon is always a firm favourite on the canapé list. Serve it on a stick to keep things elegant and exorbitant costs to a minimum. It makes a nice change from sushi, which can be very fiddly to eat.


Rare roast beef will add something slightly more generous to your canapé menu. Pair this with parmesan shortbread and a dollop of olive tapenade for a yummy twist on classic crostini.


A harvest table is a double duty option, as it allows guests to both mingle and nibble. You are also able to cater for all intolerances and tastes as guests can help themselves. As this is a sizable food option, you can get away with not having a starter and move straight to the main course.


Think artisan breads, stuffed olives and tapenades and premium cuts of cold meat. It’s also an easy way to play up the vegetarian side of things with delicious salads, an array of cheeses and more.


Chicken really is a crowd favourite. But make sure that it is zhooshed up from what guests might have at home. A stuffed chicken with a delicious jus and seasonal vegetables is tasty and ensures that all of the food will be ready at the same time.


Beef is another popular choice on any menu. Serve with potatoes, mushrooms and lashings of gravy for a hungry (particularly man-friendly) portion. You can also create a bit of theatre by topping with roasted onion for added deliciousness.


For Dessert, remember to keep things light. A modern take on a berry trifle is fresh and scrumptious (and easily swapped out for jelly and custards for kids). It then also allows guests to have space for wedding cake, if they want.


A Dessert Bar is fun and interactive and offers various options for your guests to dip into. Opt for a small cake to cut (instead of an elaborate wedding cake), then include favourites such as croquembouche, chocolate torte, cupcakes, giant chocolate chip cookies (a must if you’re having kids at the wedding) and more. The list is endless. A sensational showstopper to end your big day.