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Posted by Ashleigh Batchelor on 10 April 2018 12:59:42 CAT


We love weddings beyond borders, especially when couples visit our venues for their destination wedding. Belgian couple, Pieter and Eva, celebrated their marriage with their closest friends and family in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the forum white light on Sunday, 1 April 2018, following their "I Do's"  in Belgium.  We asked Pieter to share a bit about their intimate destination wedding. 


Let’s begin by finding out where you and Eva are from? Eva and I are both originally from Belgium. Eva was born in Leuven, a town known for its Students, Catholic University and Stella Artois.  I was born in Hasselt, a smaller town in the east of the country.

How did you and Eva meet?  Both of us were living in Antwerp at the time we met each other. I was working as an Architect and Eva as a Doctor. At that time Eva had already planned to move to South Africa for work experience in Pretoria. We met each other totally by accident through a friend at an after party of an architect’s exposition in Antwerp. One can say that it was love at first sight for both of us! One month after meeting Eva for the first time, I decided to join her in South Africa. I don't think I had met her parents by then!


Was a destination wedding always part of your wedding plans?  After asking Eva to marry me, we both quickly agreed that a wedding in South Africa would be the coolest thing ever. Eva and I have spent most of our relationship in this country, so for us it was the obvious to do.

What made you choose the forum white light as the destination for your wedding reception? The White Light venue allows one to do a more intimate and personal celebration.  Eva and I were in love with the modest chapel from the start and the Cape Dutch-like Conservatory. The venue doesn’t require much extra, because the beautiful green landscape around the venue is décor in itself. We had 60 Europeans flying over to South Africa and they were just as excited about the venue.


We hear that you are taking a three month dream honeymoon, what are your plans?  I have always been very excited about motorcycles and travelling. Eva joined me in my passion and started riding motorbikes as well. Before we both travelled to SA, I made an important agreement with her;  We will go to South Africa by plane, but the trip back will happen over land, with each of us on a motorbike! We will ride up from South Africa through the east of Africa to Egypt and from there we will fly to Greece and ride through the East of Europe back to Belgium. We’re still working on the admin, but once done, we will call it our honeymoon!

Lastly, have you enjoyed working with the forum weddings team?  We had so much fun working with Sven and Liezl. They have guided us through the process in a very professional  and enjoyable way. Our ideas were appreciated and we received great advice from the wedding team. Walking into the venue on the Big Day, I was truly amazed as to how beautiful the venue looked and how everything was under control! THANKS GUYS!!

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