crazy for copper

Posted by admin on 22 April 2016 09:55:22 CAT

Copper is all the rage at the moment! We’re seeing it make appearances in the home - we especially love copper kitchen accents - and as statement jewellery pieces. We especially love a copper wedding colour palette, particularly for a cosy Autumn wedding.

There is just something special about copper, especially when used as the primary colour in a celebration. Have a look at our inspiration and see if you’re just as in love as we are:


Quite an easy DIY if you are that way inclined - all you’ll need are a few glass bottles and copper spray paint for a statement centrepiece.


Copper lined wedding cake, anyone? Simple yet elegant


Now this is an idea we absolutely love! Bridesmaids dressed in a mix of copper dresses.


A trend you can use at your wedding or to decorate your home. Geometric copper planters and vases are a popular trend at the moment.


How about accessorising your gown with a thin copper belt? Love!


The perfect copper accent!


Copper cutlery with rose coloured glassware makes a beautiful statement.


A special detail at a recent White Light wedding - how special is this copper feature on the mantlepiece?