Celeste Kruger – White Light Wedding

Posted by admin on 26 May 2015 09:08:16 CAT


  1. History on how we met/proposal

    We were introduced by my friend, Heleen, whom I've known since birth. She just knew we would be great together. I was instantly in love with him and his family and felt welcome from the first day I met his mom and dad. After 5 years of dating, Andre asked me to marry him in true romantic fashion: After coming home from a long day at work, I was met with hundreds of candles and flowers, along with instructional notes in every room. All the while I was made to believe he was at an action cricket game, and I was home alone. The final note asked me to press play on our television and to turn the note over when the song finished. A song began playing which he wrote himself. Once the song was done I turned the note over and read his beautiful message, I was finally instructed to turn around. And there he was, to my utter shock and surprise, on one knee, with my beautiful ring, and he proposed.

  2. Wedding decor inspiration

    The venue is truly stunning and was the perfect fit to our style. It doesn't need much and would look amazing with even the most minimal decor. I envisioned something simple and elegant, no fuss. We used lots of decor from my mom's house, as well as my own house. We kept it simple, as we did all the decor ourselves. As we collected decor items, the vision was born. Trusting yourself and the people around you makes the whole process run smoothly. My mom, sister-in-law worked as a team, and didn't try to do too much- it was a truly fun experience.

  3. The experience on the day

    Our wedding day was one of the most fun, relaxed days, I've experienced. Every moment was filled with love from family and friends. I had a good night's sleep, a delicious breakfast and lunch (and some wedding macaroons as a treat). Getting ready was lots of fun and I even shed some tears when I received a special note from Andre. One of the most special moments happened just before walking down the aisle, as my mom and I looked at each other before walking down the aisle: we both missed my dad, who passed away many years ago, but in that moment I could see how truly happy and proud she felt.

    Seeing Andre, put a huge smile on my face; what an amazing feeling when you see someone look at you with that much love and excitement, truly one of my highlights of the day.
    From there onward the day was one big celebration, filled with great food, great wine and all the people we love most!

    The whole process from being engaged, to planning the wedding, to the actual day, was one that I loved and enjoyed to the fullest.

  4. Experience with The Forum Company

    Working with our coordinator, Felicity, was very positive experience. Every part of the service offered added to the relaxed experience of wedding planning, as I knew Felicity would make sure nothing was forgotten. We especially loved the process of choosing our menu, and felt free give our own input. The staff at the venue are extraordinarily friendly and helpful and made us feel at ease throughout the entire process.

    Choosing our venue was very easy: I found one picture of White Light online after we got engaged, as the venue was not yet open, and decided to go and have a look. It was the first, and only, venue we visited. As soon as we stepped out of the car, we knew this was the perfect setting. The outside chapel was breathtakingly beautiful and I couldn't stop smiling at the thought of us getting married there. My mom and sister-in-law also loved the venue at first sight.
    The big open windows, clean lines and beautiful chandeliers just added to the beauty of the venue.
    The olive trees planted outside as well as the trees in the venue made it extra special, as I read a piece of scripture about the olive tree on the night we got engaged, so it just felt right.

  5. What stood out about the day

    It is difficult to choose one special moment that stood out, as it was a day filled with nothing but special moments. Our first dance was very special, as one of Andre's friends performed the song that Andre wrote for our proposal live, a moment we will truly never forget. Feeling so loved by all the people we hold dear to our hearts made the day one we will always cherish.