Posted by admin on 01 November 2016 10:00:31 CAT

One theme that you can really go OTT with is Carnival. It’s colourful, whimsical and fun all at the same time. Follow this theme and we promise that your wedding will be the party of the year.

With the Carnival theme, bigger is definitely better, so if you’re having a cake, tiered is the only way to go. Turn up the volume on a plain cake, by topping it off with fun additions, such as edible bunting and paper pinwheels.


A garden wedding can really bring the Carnival theme to life. A colourful tablecloth and help-yourself substantial nibbles add to the fun setting and encourage guests to mingle, while lanterns take it from day to night.


FUN is the key word in terms of décor. Think bold primary colours and something that will suit both the young and the young-at-heart. This means lots of sweet easy-to-eat-on-move options such as cupcakes and doughnuts. But you don’t need to spend a fortune. Simply by teaming clashing styles (stripes and polka dots) brings this theme together.


The colour palette for a carnival theme? Rainbow. There really is no limit to how elaborate you want to make things and by opting for bold flowers it means that the rest of the décor can be kept relatively plain.


Instead of (or in addition to) a dessert table, candyfloss will definitely add to the festivities. It will help you cut costs if you have decided to spend money on other items such as the décor, plus adds a fun talking point to your day.


Bunting is almost non-negotiable with the Carnival theme – the more colourful the better. Add some fairly lights and when your ceremony is over, you can turn that section into the dance floor. So easy.


When it comes to the menu, this is not a plated affair. This is all about more-ish morsels with a junk food twist. Think chicken lollipops, hotdogs, build your own burger and more. Go gourmet with each option or simply revel in the childhood food memories from days at the carnival.


The décor can include signage – all in bold colours again. The good news is, if you get the signs custom-made, you can make place for them in your home afterwards. ‘Games’ could be for the kids’ rooms going forward, ‘powder rooms’ for your bathrooms and more. A lovely daily reminder of your big day.


Just one bold pop of colour is all that is needed on the corsages.

A mismatched table set up is also key. If you’d prefer to keep this slightly muted, instead of stripes and polka dots, opt for lace and rattan with mismatched crockery and let the flowers add the colour.


Or really play up the Carnival theme with inexpensive quirky items such as ticket stubs and popcorn boxes. This also means that you can opt for smaller flowers, which will be kinder on your wallet if you are having lots of tables.


Instead of a cake, doughnuts always go down a treat. They will tie in with the whimsical, quirky element of the theme and add to the fuss-free approach.


Swirl lollipops (big or small) make a great wedding favour – and a lovely midnight feast for those who need a jolt of sugar before they continue on dancing. Have fun planning!