A Wedding Cake with a Twist

Posted by admin on 05 July 2016 11:50:27 CAT

Love is sweet and that is why we love cake so much. Spicy carrot cake, decadent chocolate, light lemon poppy, and popular red velvet, the options are truly endless. But what if you fancy something a little more out of the ordinary? Well, we have the perfect ideas for cakes that can deliciously double as dessert:

First off, who can resist this French classic, a croquembouche? it’s made up of choux pastry balls filled with cream and piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel. Heavenly!


The world has gone crazy for donuts lately and we are obsessed! Served as dessert, everyone will want a pice of your wedding ‘cake’!


Keeping with the donut theme, how about donut holes instead? Bite sized, delicious and really sweet served on a skewer decorated with hearts!


A stack of waffles drizzled in maple syrup and decorated in berries? Now that is something completely different and if you’re a couple crazy about waffles, could there be a more perfect cake?


Another French favourite, we love the idea of best of both. A small cake on top and a tower of macarons below. Your guests will be delighted!


A cheesecake wedding cake is technically still a cake but somehow isn’t a regular at weddings and we’re hoping to change that! Topped with strawberries and brownies, this cake is sure to be a winner!


Or you could have a cake made of actual cheese! Served with crackers, fresh fruit, and preserves, your cake will go down a treat!


Last but not least, take a trip down memory lane and have a rice krispies cake layered with marshmallow icing. Yummy!