Our Food Philosophy

Posted by admin on 13 August 2015 09:13:00 CAT

“We like food trends, but we want the food trends to fall in line withwhat we believe, our building blocks of flavour. We are an artisanal food producer. This means high-quality,distinctive products made in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.Nothing is regenerated or reheated from a pre-cooked condition.

As often as possible most foods are made onsite from complete rawmaterials.”To do this we have a large program in place that forces us to maintain simple sophistication in our food preparation. The program is made up of:


Our own vegetable garden in Lanseria that grows seasonal vegetables for regular use in our kitchens. We attempt to source all our food from local areas. Where we can’t we make sure the food is from our immediate surrounds, we try to minimise that ingredient.

We believe in ethical food: no additives, free range-authenticity, nutritional, terroir driven real healthy fresh food.We have forged strong relationships with our suppliers, and rigorously check the quality of produce that we don’t grow ourselves.When you eat a Forum meal, you will recognise the
simplicity of our meals. We use a few high quality elements, then main ingredient becomes the super hero for that course.


We want to help our clients to choose the menus. In this way we can help with responsible fish selection, choose seasonal ingredients and reduce waste. We hope this does our little bit for saving the world. Linked to this is our dream of responsible dining. Key to this is nose to tail and root to tip use of products.

‘Be the finest’ – a program that all our staff are involved in, which teaches them about every aspect of the food and beverage cycle.

Our staff know about the wines, know about the ingredients and can answers questions. Our staff meals are balanced and nutritional, and share in the food philosophy. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is the single most important thing to look for in any restaurant or food establishment. We maintain a HACCP environment at all times that is in line with international practices.This is our food philosophy, it represents us as the people that make the food that you eat. While to err is human, we hope that as a company of people we catch those errs before they become ears!