Maintenance tips for your sourdough

Posted by admin on 16 November 2018 11:05:34 CAT

Looking for ways to make your house a home where the aroma of freshly baked bread fills your kitchen? 

From a scientific perspective, a sourdough starter is a natural leaven - a mixture of grains and liquid (usually flour and water) inhabited by so-called "wild" yeasts and bacteria which leaven and flavour bread dough. the starter dough is also referred to as “the baby”. 

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  • Don’t let your starter collapse and sit for extended periods before feeding. Excessive acidity will change the flavour of your bread (more sour).
  • Starter sourdough needs consistent management, feeding, temperature management and love in order for it to survive, hence the name baby!
  •  If you have forgotten about your baby or left it somewhere too warm/too cold, it will perish. You will need to discard 70% and add new flour and water (equal quantities).
  • Observe the smell of your starter at each phase and get to know what a particular smell indicates by drawing a connection between smell and visual cues. You will need to feed the baby everyday.


  • If your area has high chlorine levels in the water, use filtered water instead.
  • Stir your starter fully until there are no clumps or dry bits of flour present.
  • Inconsistent flour types and fewer feedings reduce the starter’s strength and increases the acid load, leading to more sour bread with less rise.
  • Whole wheat and rye flours provide more nutrients for your starter and ferment more actively. Working with rye flour makes starter maintenance easier than whole wheat. Rye provides increased fiber and nutrients similar to whole wheat flour, but because of its lower gluten amount it’s much easier to stir.


Above all, take a few seconds each time you feed your starter to sit back and assess how things look, smell and even taste. Through constant observation and attention to small details you can really maximize fermentation in your starters.

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