Spring entertaining at home with a b{r}unch of friends

Posted by Jade MacCallum on 13 September 2017 08:46:20 CAT

Brunch }  let’s skip lunch!

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The perfect time of day to entertain guests and ensure their tummies stay satisfied until dinner time. With the warmer weather and longer days, bring the outside in, or set the perfect table alfresco style.

We’ve found some recipes and décor inspiration to show you how to host a  no-fuss spring brunch at home that will leave a lasting impression on guests. 

Step 1 }  Set the scene -  flower power


Don’t look any further than your own garden for floral inspiration. This time of year the garden should be bursting with new life. A hand-picked loose bunch of flowers and greenery makes for the most beautiful table centre piece, or opt for smaller posies for a different look. 

Step 2 }  Welcome - Home-made peanut butter and banana smoothies

The Forum Company Easy Banana Smoothie Recipe

Start the morning with a welcome protein smoothie.  An easy recipe with ingredients that you can prepare ahead of time and blend just before guests arrive.


– 1 large banana, sliced
– 1½ tbsp smooth peanut butter
– 1 tbsp honey
– 1 cup almond milk (or milk alternative)
– ½ cup plain double cream yoghurt

Blend the banana, peanut butter and honey with the milk and yoghurt until smooth and creamy. A delicious breakfast on the go!

Makes 2 small or 1 large.

Recipe source: 


Step 3 }  Something to start 

Thanks to our Executive Group Head Chef Arno Boshof for these great recipes


Grilled summer fruits fresh berries whipped ricotta thyme honey


Peaches fresh, fresh pitted cut in half x 80 g

Plums red, fresh pitted cut in half x 60g

Green grapes, cut and grilled on stem x 30g

Brown sugar x 8 g

Coconut oil x 2ml


Heat the flat top of flame grill.  Brush each fruit with cooking oil and sprinkle with brown sugar.  Grill with cut side down until golden brown in colour but still firm and not falling apart. Remove and plate. 

Fresh Berries

Strawberries, fresh cleaned x 30g

Mulberries x 15g

Blueberries x 15g


Wash and clean strawberries. Top the strawberries and cut into half.  Keep the balance of the berries whole .

Whipped Ricotta Cheese


Rictotta cheese x 45g

yoghurt plain x 10ml

Using a firm whisk whip the ricotta until light and fluffly.  Place into dish and using a ice cream scoop with boiling water to plate up.

Thyme Honey


Honey x 30ml

Thyme x 1g


Using the fresh thyme leaves gently crush them to release the flavour.  Then add to honey.  Gently heat honey in a pot with thyme until boiling point.  Remove and allow to cool slightly.  Strain and remove thyme leave.  


Whole almonds slivered x 8g

Fresh thyme leaves removed from the stalk x 1g

Mint washed only x 1g


Toast whole unblanched almonds.  Do not burn.  Sliver with sharp knife and place in air tight container. Using only the leaves of thyme and mint as garnish. Now put it all together.  

Plating up

Plate the fruit and top with a scoop of the whipped ricotta then drizzle with lashings of honeyed thyme, almonds and herb leaves.  


Step 4 }  The showstopper

Asparagus goats cheese souffle omelette with roasted tomato and mushrooms with health bread and whipped farm butter

Asparagus goats cheese souffle omelette with roasted tomato and mushrooms with health bread and whipped farm butter Ingredients:

Eggs - 3 separated

Salt - 1 g (tip of a teaspoon)

Cream - 10 ml

Coarse black pepper - 1 g

Cooking oil - 5 ml

Asparagus green fresh, slivered with a vegetable peeler - 20 g



Whisk the egg yolks until light and fluffy with salt and pepper and cream.  Whisk the egg white in a separate bowl until soft peaks.  Gently fold the egg white into the egg yolk. Slowly heat the oil in pan and arrange the asparagus on the one side in lines.  Pour over the omelette mix and gently bake.  Place in oven to finish  but don't dry out.


Cocktail tomatoes

Balsamic Vinegar - 20ml

Cooking oil - 5 ml

Coarse black pepper - 2g

Salt - 1 g

Basil fresh - 5g


Heat oil in pan with balsamic vinegar and allow to cook down but not burn.  Add the tomatoes and sautee until the skins of the tomatoes blister but not over cooked.  Mix through the basil leaves and serve.

Sautéed mushrooms


Button mushrooms - 100g

Onion - 5 g

Garlic crushed - 1g

Butter - 5 g

Cooking oil - 3 ml

Salt - 1g

Coarse black pepper - 1g


Small mushrooms keep whole.  Larger mushrooms cut in half.  Sautee onions and garlic until soft.  Add butter and mushrooms and Sautee until light brown in colour and well cooked.  Season and serve.

Health bread and whipped butter:


Health bread sliced - 2 slices

Butter - 16g


Toast the slices of fresh health bread just before serving. Whip the butter with in mixer machine until light and fluffy.  Dish into serving dish and serve.

Goat's cheese & Sour cream

Goat's cheese - 60g

Sour cream - 5 ml


Mixed the goats cheese and sour cream together


Putting it altogether}

Once the omelette has finished in the oven, remove and top with the mushroom, tomatoes and sprinkle with the goats cheese mixture. Ready to serve!


If you'd like to experience The Forum Company's signature food experience at The Kitchen L'antico Giardino then read on;

The Kitchen L'Ormarins Lunch

Anthonij Rupert Wyne invites you to an afternoon of celebration,
inspired by the blush tones of their Rosé wines at
The Kitchen L'antico Giardino

Join us for a bountiful, bubble inspired "Harvest Table" lunch with bottomless Cap Classique from the L'Ormarins range of wines to sip away the day.

Dress code: Spring inspired with a touch of pink.

On the menu:
Varine of light trout mousse roulade with raspberry and strawberry gel, avocado purée and mushroom caviar
Spring pea and mint mousse with raspberry and strawberry gel, avocado purée and mushroom caviar [v friendly]  

Harvest Table meat selection:
Coarse duck terrine 
Selection of sliced cold meats [including pork]
Sliced wood fired fillet of beef with roasted garlic & mushroom pâté
Slow cooked free-range whole birds basted in salsa verde

Rustic baby marrow, mint, roasted peppers & walnut tart
[v friendly]
Scalloped rosemary butter potatoes [v friendly]

Breads & Spreads
Freshly baked garlic & butter focaccia, potbreads & seeded sticks
Aubergine spread, sweet potato hummus, rocket pesto &
snoek remoulade 

Honey baked pear, blue cheese, baby spinach & green olive salad
Spring sunshine salad of roasted yellow carrots, butternut, naartjie, baby corn & wild rocket  
Poppy seed dressing or sundried tomato dressing

White chocolate gin and tonic macaroons
Cranberry compote nougat
Raspberry roll cake with spiced ricotta filling
Thyme infused coconut slices 
Strawberry popcorn crumble tart
Goat & brie cheese ball with crispy nut shell and bread chards

Pre-booking essential, limited space available!
Cost: R595 per person