Hosting an End Year Potluck

Posted by admin on 12 October 2015 09:18:00 CAT

This time of year is all about sharing. We share our homes, memories, gifts, and meals, and that is why we love the idea of a potluck or ‘bring and share’ evening with family and friends to celebrate the year that has been. To help you host a flawless gathering, we’ve put together a list of our top tips. It’s time to host a perfect potluck.

vegetable salad

Set a theme - It’s important to set a them for the evening to help guide guests when deciding on their dishes. You don’t really want to land up with a delicious lasagne paired with a fragrant curry, and a summer salad.

Orchestrate the menu - make sure there is enough variety in the evenings menu by assigning dishes to guests. Assign which course and type of dish - should they bring meat? Vegetables? A colourful salad?

Be the host with the most - Find out what guests will need when arriving at your home - oven time? a serving dish? utensils? Also, make space in your kitchen for guests to add finishing touches to their dishes.

Decor and ambience - It’s the little details that will make the dinner feel special and personalised. We love the idea of using chalk to label each guests’ dish. Make sure the food is the highlight of the serving table by decorating with small jars, flowers, and candles in neutral colours.

vegetable salad

Take-away boxes - The reality of a potluck is that there will always be leftovers. Takeaway boxes are the perfect way for guests to take a little piece of the evening home with them.

take away boxes

Do you have any potluck tips of your own to share? Let us know in a comment below!