Event Greening Forum @ the forum white light

Posted by admin on 02 July 2018 14:41:42 CAT

The Event Greening Forum (EGF) is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote sustainability within the events sector. The EGF was established through dedication and support of eight industry associations who are recognised as founding members. The founding members are key industry associations working together to promote South Africa as a destination for various types of events.  They host educational sessions for industry and lobby government in an effort to implement sustainability principles into the daily operations of the events industry.

Solly Msimanga, Mayor of Tshwane attended the #EGF18 Conference to give the opening address - and show his support for sustainable development.


Day one at the kitchen l'antico giardino, Deon Robbertze ( founder & executive creative director of The Change Agent) hosted the #EGF18 Masterclass  & presented ways in which we can activate change in human behaviour to promote sustainable outcomes in businesses. 

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Day two at the forum white light was all about future-proofing businesses and sustainability. 


... and how  the forum company makes their own compost for the vegetable garden. 



"Our sixth annual conference took place on 14 June 2018 at the forum white light & the kitchen l'antico giardino, with an action-packed day full of great content from a range of experts, interactive sessions, and lots of passionate event industry professionals. At the end of the day our Chairperson declared it "Our best conference yet!" - Event Greening Forum