Easter lunch inspiration.

Posted by liandri fouche on 29 March 2018 12:16:59 CAT

Easter somehow always announces the change of season and Autumn approaching.  Cooler weather is  ideal for heartier menu options and intimate gatherings with family and friends.

Be inspired by our Chefs lunch choice this coming Easter Weekend and have your guests rave for days!  Our Décor team also set the perfect Easter table with delft inspiration and pops of bright orchid flowers.

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This three course menu is simple enough to prepare (and won't steal away your entire long weekend  behind the pots) , yet interesting and completely inspired by the flavours of Easter.  Happy cooking!

 japanese-white-beech-mushroom-199x300.jpgTo Start. 

  Wild grilled mushrooms and brown rice salad with fennel shavings lime cucumber and fresh apple      [vf]

  120g Mushroom shimeji

  120g Mushroom portabellini

  200g Mushroom king oyster

  250ml Rice brown

  100g Herb fennel baby

  50g Lime fresh

  200g Cucumber whole

                                                                             200g Granny smith green apple

                                                                             125g baby herb leaves

                                                                             20ml Olive oil

                                                                             Fresh Garlic


Trim shimeji’s at the base stem of the punnet and grill lightly in olive oil. Wash portabellini mushrooms and grill in olive oil. Cut oyster in half and score in a diamond pattern, grill patterned side down in a pan till golden brown and bake for 5 min at 180C. Boil rice till tender, cool and dry in open air for 1 hour. Shave fennel with a peeler. Zest limes, slice lime segments and juice some of the limes to dress when serving. Finely chop and fry the cucumber, apples and gremolata with lime juice, olive oil and garlic. Wash leaves and strain to dry.  Start the layering process with the leaves first, then rice, veg,  finish with mushrooms and juice of limes and a little oil.


hot cross bun.jpgroastedchicken_cafelecoq_0.jpg

Slow roasted free-range whole bird with hot cross bun stuffing

2 kg Chicken whole bird (deboned)

100g onions

50g garlic

25g thyme

50g fresh lemons

5g whole coriander seeds

100g dates

5g cinnamon bark

200g ginger biscuits

200ml full cream milk

50ml olive oil


 Lay the deboned whole bird skin down, slice the skin down the chest and remove legs and wings. Blend oil, onions, garlic, thyme, coriander, and             lemon juice together till a paste. Blend the dates, biscuits, cinnamon and slowly add the milk to form a rough dough that is mouldable.                       Spread the  dough on the flesh of the chicken evenly.  Roll the chicken lengthwise to form a log. Cover the chicken in the blended onion mix and     roll into a sausage  shape with plastic wrap. Boil or steam the chicken in the plastic wrap to keep its shape. Cool down and remove the wrap before       baking.

Bake at 165C for 20 min or until cooked through. Rest for 5 min before slicing.


Decadent vegan chocolate brownie bunnies

brownies-gluten-free.jpg     Ingredients:

     500ml unbleached all-purpose flour

     190ml unsweetened cocoa powder

     5ml baking powder

     5ml salt

     250ml water

     250ml vegetable oil

    10ml vanilla extract



  1. Preheat the oven to175 degrees C.
  2. In a large bowl, stir together the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt. Pour in water, vegetable oil and vanilla; mix until well blended. Spread evenly in a 9x13 inch baking pan.
  3. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes in the preheated oven, until the top is no longer shiny. Let cool for at least 10 minutes before cutting into squares.

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