Turbine Hall Johannesburg, An iconic heritage building for clients who want to create an innovative event experience.

Posted by Jade MacCallum on 20 September 2017 07:57:01 CAT

What is it about Turbine Hall in its unique artistic and cultural location of Newtown, Johannesburg that takes your breath away? Is it the imposing industrial exterior that conceals a breathtaking multiple-volume space accentuated by ultramodern interiors, Or perhaps its lineage back to the late 1920’s?

Turbine Hall heritige

The original power station in Johannesburg.

The building is an integral part of Johannesburg’s architectural history, and started out as a power station for the city in the late 1920’s. The Turbine Hall development team received the Colosseum Award for the restoration and preservation of this magnificent building that speaks so strongly of Johannesburg’s history.

After years of neglect, the Turbine Hall was given a new lease of life in 2005, when the dilapidated north boiler house was demolished and, in its place, a structure was built to accommodate the global headquarters of mining giant AngloGold Ashanti.

 Turbine Hall 2017

What makes Turbine Hall’s interiors so impressive?

Upon visiting Turbine Hall, one is able to appreciate the existing skeleton of the structure as well as its impressive scale and spatial awareness accompanied by modernity. Major decisions, as described by Glynis Hyslop, included what to smooth over and modernize and what to leave intact.

 Much of the existing finish came from its decades as a power station, this ranged from aged copper and steel to rust. Warmth has been cleverly created through the use of lighting, and iconic South African art in every space. Don’t forget the exuberant atmosphere created by the guests themselves.

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What kinds of events are held at Turbine Hall?

This landmark of South Africa continues to celebrate its heritage. It has become a much-coveted inner city wedding venue, an innovative space to launch new products, innovative conferencing and the critically acclaimed Turbine Art Fair. Turbine Hall has succeeded in bringing people from all walks of life together whilst observing the creativity of Johannesburg spill streets of Newtown.

 Turbine Art FairTurbine Hall Southern Boilier house









What does the venue offer clients?

The Forum, Turbine Hall has been designed to accommodate a wide range of requirements and offers the same five-star service, state-of-the-art technology, exceptional food, décor and style clients have come to expect from The Forum Company.

Facilities comprise conference rooms and function venues with a capacity to host exhibitions or conferences varying from 10 to 500 people, dinners for up to 320 and cocktail parties for up to 800.

 turbine hall heritage

What are some of the unique spaces you can use for your event at Turbine Hall?

View the online gallery and 360 degree venue tour here, to see our spaces;

The Chefs Table

Intimate setting for smaller functions that can seat 20 people. unique, sophisticated, intimate and

interactive dining area set just off our kitchen and hosted by our executive chef.

 The Glass House

Offering a view of the city, with glass fronted windows it accommodates up to 700 people. An ideal exhibition space, banquets, conferences, parties or wedding celebrations.

 The Southern Boiler House Foyer

An Industrial masterpiece ideal for welcome drinks and iconic wedding ceremonies. Accommodates up to 700 for a cocktail.

 The Turbines

Have your function set between the original turbines of the power station Turbine Hall. Accommodates up to 200 people.

 The Underground Bar

A designer bar with exceptional atmosphere. Accommodates up to 100 people.

 Turbine Hall Basement

The signature event space for weddings and events. Accommodates up to 800 people.

 The Power House

Executive boardroom and dining room with a featured glass ceiling or intimate setting for smaller dinner functions.

 Conference Rooms

Four conference rooms seat between 26 and 80 people

The coal hopper

The engine room

The steam room

The power house

The Forum Company’s approach means that you can decide how much or how little you want to take care of with signature sophistication and flair; so if you are looking for the perfect venue, a blissfully decadent feast, or a take-charge-of-everything service, The Forum Company team will happily ensure that every taste, smell, sound and sight delights even the most discerning guest.

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