Calling all technology trailblazers- 5 reasons you should host your next conference at the forum company

Posted by MSPR on 12 November 2018 16:16:07 CAT

We can’t think of many phrases that sound more bland than “business conference.”/ “IT conference”. These two words bring to mind images of serious professionals gathering in dull, generic venues for presentations lasting days and breaking only for bad coffee and soggy, pre packaged sandwiches.

Of course, these stereotypes exist for a reason: there’s often a lot of information to fit in and that demands focus and efficiency. But the proof of a successful business conference is to keep things interesting as well as productive. We’ve learned that the best way to host a five-star conference is to create a fantastic customer experience. A customer remembers an experience more than they do product features. The best conferences that have grabbed our attention are those filled with creativity, thoughtfulness and good organisation. These leave delegates thinking about the event for days afterward, telling all their friends and colleagues about it and wanting to come back for more. The forum the campus has always been embracing the future and our recent associations with tech companies working on groundbreaking DevOp methodologies endorses our reputation of championing pioneering advancements in the world of IT.

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 So how do you create this experience?

 1:  location

The forum the campus is centrally situated in the heart of Bryanston and is five-star graded conference and events venue. You won’t find any boring ballrooms or humb-drum meeting rooms here. What you will discover are multiple spaces infused with natural light, areas with access to glorious gardens and an airy, bright atmosphere. Plus we have all the standard conference equipment and offer breakaway areas, exhibition spaces and lovely outdoor facilities. These will set you on a course for success and with our support you will deliver a seamless event and have your delegates cheering for an encore.

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2: Start off as you plan to continue

Ignite the audience’s interest with the first sentence and keep it moving from there. Talk to one of our experienced coordinators and brainstorm some dynamic ideas.



3: Use the opportunity to network

Conferences are one of the single best places to network.

Delegates already have something in common so that means they instantly have something to chat about with a new person. Desperately shy or introverted people can use these hacks to get the process started by saying things like “How did you enjoy the keynote speaker?” or “Did you attend last year?” or “How are you enjoying the conference so far?” the forum the campus makes these opportunities even more fluid with our collaborative spaces which encourage networking by way of exchange, dialogue and discussion.



4: Think about food and drinks a lot

The forum company is all about food and drink and we are passionate about creating food which reflect global trends with innovative presentation whilst showcasing the very best local ingredients. Not a soggy sarmie or polystyrene cup of instant coffee in sight. Ever! Think healthy menus to keep that brain in full concentration mode, fresh ingredients, water stations and more.

 3 food-15 conference food-14 Summer rice paper wraps with cucumber and carrot hummus VF-1

5: Add some  fun!

Take your cue from this saying “The mind cannot absorb what the behind cannot endure.” Think about some activities to break up the agenda and get your delegates moving. 


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