Butternut, rocket & chilli mint salad

Posted by the forum company chefs on 11 December 2018 16:44:49 CAT


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Mini butternut, rocket and chilli mint salad, topped with sour cream, oven dried cranberry dust & black sesame seeds | 10 portions


  • 3g x Dried Coarse Chili
  • 500g x Fresh mint
  • 500g x Mint Jelly
  • 100g x Brown sugar
  • 5g x Salt
  • 2g x Pepper
  •  Mix all ingredients and Blend to a smooth puree


  • 2 kg x Butternut 
  • Cover in half of the marinade and roast until cooked but not falling apart at 180c


  • 1 kg x Rocket
  • Rinse, pick the stalk and discard the stalk
  • 1 tub (500g) x Kazi micro herbs (BABY SALAD LEAVES)
  • Rinse the leaves as they might contain dirt and assemble salad


  • 100g x Sour cream
  • Lemon zest of 2 lemons
  • Combine the sour cream and zest


  • 300g x Cranberry
  • Place cranberries in an ovenproof dish and place in an oven for +-30min or until dried on 100C, Remove and allow to cool and crush into a powder with a Pestle & Mortar
  • 30g x Black sesame seeds
  • Toast in a pan but do not brown just to release the flavor


  1. Combine washed Kazi leaves and rocket and place ½ of the leaves at the bottom of your salad bowl.
  2. Cover the roasted butternut with the leftover ½ of Marinade and arrange on top of the salad leaves.
  3. Next arrange the other ½ of salad leaves on top of the butternut.
  4. Arrange dollops of  the lemon sour cream on top of the salad
  5. Combine the dried cranberry and toasted sesame seeds and dust the salad with this mixture