Arno Boschoff tells us what he cooks for himself

Posted by admin on 27 August 2015 16:21:21 CAT

So, I’ve decided to get summer ready and get rid of my winter excess! Well actually a bit more than that. More like the last two years of excess. I looked at many ‘diets’ but eventually took up the “herbal life lifestyle challenge”.

It is a very simple and easy program to follow and for the moment suits my lifestyle. I didn’t always have a chance to cook for myself and I ended up eating all the wrong foods – hence my excess! I am delighted to say I have been on the program now for just over two weeks and have lost just under 5kg.

I feel great and feeling great really boils down to 80% of what we eat. Last night I prepared a simple meal. Grilled chicken breast (up to 120g per day) with roast tomatoes, steamed cauliflower and sugar snaps. At the beginning of each week I make up a batch of low fat dressing and use this instead of sauces. So I just drizzled a bit of my dressing over the chicken. NO CARBS at night! Yum.


2 Chicken Breast

2 Tomatoes

1 head of cauliflower

Handful of sugar snaps

The chicken breast I simply seasoned with salt and pepper and seared in very little canola oil, making sure that at least one side is golden brown and crispy. In the meantime while the chicken was doing its magic, I cut my tomatoes in thick slices and seasoned well.

The cauliflower I sliced directly from the cauliflower head, placed into a dish with a little water at the bottom – microwave for 3 minutes.
By now the chicken is nice and crispy. I added my tomatoes and sugar snaps to the pan and flashed the chicken breast in a high oven (like 190 degrees) – pan
and all (make sure you don’t have a plastic handle on your pan – messy). By the time cauliflower was cooked my chicken breast was ready as well.

Bon Appetit!

You have to snack and you have to make sure that you have fruit and protein elements together. Up to six small meals are required during the day to maintain those sugar levels. I am showing you two of my snacks I prepared for today.

The first is a yummy strawberry, lean biltong and tomato salad. I will have this at around 9 this morning. For my second snack today I prepared the best food item for any diet – boiled egg, citrus wedges and sunflower seeds.

As a chef I think it is more  difficult to actually look after what you eat, although we are probably the most well informed on what is good for the body and mind.

Eating clean as I show you today doesn’t have to be boring. Enjoy and chat soon.