A sophisticated start

Posted by admin on 13 October 2015 11:13:45 CAT

New beginnings, as anyone knows, can be exciting and overwhelming. Usually you feel anxious being in an unfamiliar setting, but this was not the case when introduced to the forum team.

I will call the first day as the forum ‘a day of smiles’. The first smile experienced was my own, as I walked through the magnificent, art-filled iconic building. The campus building encompasses every aspect of the forum company brand – simply sophisticated. I was introduced to a team of dynamic individuals all working to ensure excellence at the forum is the norm.

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Day two was my day at the forum deli – a culinary extrasensory experience – from the staff’s exuberant attitudes, to the intoxicating aromas and breath-taking presentation of the dishes being prepared. This was a clear sign that this was going to be an energising experience. The only way to learn is to experience first-hand. I was able to see the different personalities and talents of the team working in the deli.

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Sunday was especially interesting as I has the privilege of seeing first has how a setup for an event is done, from the floorplan, to the food and the deco. The picturesque venue of l’antico giardino created the perfect setting for the christening. The deco was simple yet breath-taking, making this milestone that much more memorable.

One thing was evident when meeting the staff in different department, everyone felt part of the team. From the recently employed to the employees who have been with the company for years, it was clear that everyone understood the company vision and mission – striving for excellence.

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Turbine hall, one of the other iconic venues, housed a group of people similar in passion and enthusiasm as that of the forum the campus. This avant-garde venue in Newtown, is the perfect example of rejuvenation and bringing history into the present.

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White light is a gorgeous venue, found in a tranquil setting in Lanseria. The concrete installations around the venue create a natural atmosphere of beauty and class, giving the venue a distinct look. I was fortunate to experience the wedding coordinator at work and was able to see how people interact with the space and how white light is the perfect backdrop for such a milestone. Three words can sum up my experience simple sophistication and excellence.