5 Main Table Decor Ideas

Posted by admin on 20 November 2015 09:29:53 CAT

There are plenty of ideas on how to arrange your main table, from decor, to who will be seated there. Here are a few tips to help you make your main table memorable:

Our first tip is to make sure the decor and flowers you choose is low enough for guests to be able to see you. It should carry the colours and theme of the rest of your reception with one or two unique elements making your table the spotlight of the room.


You have a few choices when it comes to who is seated at the main table. It is tradition for the bride and groom’s parents and bridal party to be seated at the main table, with the bride sitting at the groom's right, the bride’s mom on his left and the groom’s father on the bride's right. The rest of the party follows suit in an alternating male/female pattern. Only want your parents at your main table like the below couple? You are more than welcome!


Nowadays we also see a lot of brides and grooms opting for a sweetheart table which is equally as special. Don’t these chairs give this reception a regal feel?


You could completely bypass tradition and enjoy your dinner amongst your guests like this couple did at our Turbine Hall venue.


Some newlyweds even have empty chairs at the main table for guests to pop by throughout dinner for a quick chat.

wedding table decor

Will you be sticking to tradition or will you choose something out of the ordinary for your main table? Let us know!